Allow me to introduce…


This is the man I call PäPZ.


This picture was taken with one of Bubber’s 11 grandchildren on her Graduation Day, what a happy day Bubber was having that day!

Bubber has 3 other kids other than myself, and was married to the same woman (I call her MäMZ) for 40 years. In addition to this beauty standing next to him and his other grandkids, he’s been gifted with 3 great grandchildren so far, and is the kind of man who is always excited to hear there’s another baby on it’s way!

Bubber has been a single man going on 7 years now, and despite his best efforts has yet to fully mend the whole left by my momma. The way he says it is…I’m still in love with her, but slowly but Shirley (see what I did there?) he’s been healing from the blow. Who knows what the future holds, right?

Bubber revels over company! Stop by and say HI!

The constant talker, Bubber is ready to bend anyone’s ear that’ll give him a shot, so next time you gotta little time to kill and wanna hear some good old fashioned fish-tale kinda stories, listen to some ole-timey music, and perhaps even have a cold one, you know who to see.

Things Bubber Does

♦ Watches The Weather Channel

♦  Opens and reads “Junk Mail”

♦ Orders wacky crap from magazines

♦ Dumpster dives with the best of ’em

♦ Collects Wood Pallets (and everything else)

♦ Incredible, Bubber does incredible very well.


*Unfortunately, on a Sunday evening in October PäPZ called out my name to come give him a hand. Minutes later I was sobbing over the the sudden and sobering truth that my PäPZ had left his earthly body and closed his eyes for the last time. I feel such gratitude that I could be there for him in his moment of need, and for the time I got to spend with him over the last several years. My only regret, which is consistent throughout my lifetime, is that there were times I didn’t show him the love and respect he so rightfully deserved…