Presenting Her Exc”ELLEN”ce…


The woman I refer to as MäMZ..

The deliverer of my earthly-birthly, EllenG has been the most loving and encouraging mother figure a person could ever ask for! Ready to help anyone she can at the drop of a hat, she has lived a life of willingness to do for others. Her gift of gab, accompanied by her great sense of humor, has earned her a strong, ever-growing circle of friends and acquaintances.

MäMZ has always been a tad bit on the wild and weird side, but absent any type of stimulant, she’s never smoked a cigarette or tried any illegal drugs! She will occasionally indulge in an alcoholic beverage, though it usually proves to be a good example, after just a drink, of why it is a good thing she never “experimented”.

After selling shoes for several years, she became a loyal employee of over 20 years with Sears at the Belden Village Mall in North Canton, OH, as a sales associate in the Heating & Plumbing and Lawn & Garden areas. She got a job right after I gave my notice and never left, that is, until she had to partially retire due to a heart attack she had in September of 2009. Yeah, she actually retired from Sears, but then took a part time sales position with another store location just a couple of years ago.

Sometimes I am just amazed that she keeps going the way she does.

Constantly on the move helping people without cars, running errands for others, working part time, and still managing to make road trips fairly regularly. It is not uncommon to catch her taking a nap in her car somewhere, with a romance novel in her lap, her glasses pressed against her slumped-over head in some crooked manner of sorts, waiting on somebody to come out of a store, or a clinic or hospital, or some building with a parking lot.

Things EllenG Does

♦ Leaves strange things in even stranger places

♦ Collects scrap metal (anywhere she sees it)

♦ Treats her car like a taxi

♦ Eats pounds of sunflower seeds each fiscal quarter

♦ Hangs out at McDonald’s (almost every single day)

♦ Excellent, MäMZ does excellent very well.